The story of the Balogh Lighting company:
The company was established in 1946 by Balogh Ferenc, who manufactured many products, like the stamp pad, the horn for motorcycle, tennis ball and the stamp pad ink.

From 1948 hard age came and the industry was suspended. After resumption in 1957, he developed the 2 kw riporter lamp for the Hungarian Television, that was called the Balogh Lamp.

The "Tenlite" 10 X 500W reflector and the Szputnyik 1 KW spot lamp was also developed for the Hungarian TV.

His son took the company in 1981, who continued the lamp production but at the same time started to manufacture standers and lighting technical accessories as well. He developed the compact fluorescent lamps and won the Golden Eyes award on the ACF Exhibition in Brussels, outstripped many international manufacturers.

The camera shoulder rests, projector hangers, lamp hangers and safety wires and many accessories also has to be mentioned beside the lamps and standers as main products.

Their main Hungarian customers are local TV studios, where many "Blu-Box" and "Green- Box" were used and they have photographers and video professionals as their customers.

They have foreigner customers, like Studiotech Belgium and German, Austrian, Roman, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian companies.

One of the main strength of the company is the flexible pliancy for the customer needs, manufacturing unique or limited series products and that the most of the products can be ordered from stock.

Their posy is: Don't make the customer disappointed!



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