Sonifex has been at the forefront of audio design and manufacture since 1969 and has a reputation for building high quality, reliable products.

As well as designing in-house awardwinning products, such as the Courier portable recorder, Sonifex has also undertaken a number of projects for other clients. Recent work includes a changeover unit for the GWR Group, over 1000 digital audio workstations (DAWs) for BBC World Service, over 100 PCXtender DAW units for Danish Radio, logging systems for the Finnish parliament, telephony systems for Northern Telecom, interface systems for entertainment venues and automated hard disk announcement systems for both Channel 4 TV and BBC World Service.

Sonifex has years of experience in meeting the demands of their customers. However complex the problem their skilled sales and technical support staff will answer any questions you may have regarding what is and is not possible. Additionally, their continuous investment in new technology and other resources ensure that any cost savings are passed onto you, which means that you receive state of the art products that match your needs without damaging your pocket.

The main difference between Sonifex and other design companies is that they also manufacture the products themselves and perform the majority of the manufacturing in-house, using their team of skilled technical staff.

They ensure that only the most cost-effective, efficient and streamlined solutions are implemented, saving you time and money. More importantly, they can control the quality of each stage of the design and manufacturing process to ensure that the products meet your specification.
As a company, Sonifex has excellent technical expertise and facilities for designing and manufacturing bespoke products. State of the art machinery is used throughout and thorough visual and electronic testing is carried out to make sure that the performance of the product matches up to expectations.



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