P+S TECHNIK GmbH, founded in 1990 by former ARRI engineers, received a renown reputation as a competent and professional partner for solutions and products of the highest level in the cine world.

As a pioneer they always strive to develop innovative products with cinematographers to provide their partners with high-quality tools to create outstanding images. They offer precision mechanical, optical and digital products such as special optics, digital cameras for exceptional images and reliable camera support accessories - made in Germany.

Their special optical product range includes such as the snorkel lenses (T-Rex, SKATER Scope), depth-of-field adapters (Pro35, Mini35), and interchangeable lens mounts (IMS) as well as rehousing of vintage lenses (Cooke Panchro, Kubrick Collection).

P+S Technik pioneers digital cinematography since 1999 with the world’s first 35mm depth-of-field adapters for video cameras (Pro35, Mini35), optical finder for Dalsa’s digital cameras, the first digital high-speed cameras (Weisscam HS-1, HS-2), high-resolution POV cameras (SI-2K) as well as the full format camera PS-Cam X35.

Furthermore they produce essential camera support with the goal to support their customers with a reliable and enduring solution for daily production. Amongst others they offer stereo 3D rigs, SKATER dollies, shoulder mounting and rosette mounting accessories.

P+S Technik headquarters are located in Ottobrunn near Munich / Germany.

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