PLS Electronics

PLS Electronics was founded in 1997 to manufacture high-quality disco, theatre and stage equipment originally for the Hungarian market. Their first analog controlled dimmer was built in 1998 and since then they are focusing on making the best quality and the most cost effective dimmer products.

At the end of that year they introduced their first DMX dimmer, in 2000 they produced multi processor controlled fully digital dimmers. Meanwhile they made their product range complete with power distributors, rack units, DMX network equipment and with other special products. Since that year they began establishing distribution channels in the European market.

In 2002 the theater products got a registered common family name: Pegasus®.

They continuously listen to feedback from their customers considering their requests in their research and development process. In 2004 they introduced new products such as the new Power-63 distributor series, the MiniRack, and the Handy One dimmer. In 2005 they introduced their highly affordable products, the X Series.

Nowadays they are one of the most significant manufacturers in the Hungarian market, and PLS is getting to be a well-known brand in the world.

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