Pebble Beach Systems

Since its formation in 2000 Pebble Beach Systems has grown to become a world leader in television automation and content management. The company has established a strong reputation for delivering on promises and for providing exceptional customer service.

With a long history in broadcast automation, Pebble Beach Systems has developed a portfolio of successful products which have the flexibility to support a wide range of broadcast applications.

Designed around a modular and scalable architecture, their automation solutions are highly configurable and robust. Ideally suited to multi-channel playout as well as high pressure live programming environments such as news or sports, they offer interfaces to legacy equipment and also support new formats and technologies such as IP delivery and interactive television.

The range delivers integrated content management, control of near-line storage or data tape library systems, and low or high resolution media browsing to support file-based workflows.

Pebble Beach Systems works closely with broadcasters, systems integrators and technical partners to deliver the best possible solution for each customer.

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