The NIPPON VIDEO SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (NVS) is a Manufacturer for professional Video and Audio products. It was established by the current president, Mr. Kentaro Hashiguchi (His nick name is "Ken") in 1992 at Aichi prefecture in Japan, which is the center of the main land of Japan between Tokyo and Osaka. Ken has been a professional camera operator from his teen till today, so that all of his product ideas are coming from his practical experience in several shooting locations.
This is the reason why NVS product's (via PROTECH and NIPROS brand names) features are all reasonable and unique although the appearance of products may be a bit old taste sometimes, but the products are very robust and reliable.

About the brands:
PROTECH is the original brand name which NVS is using from the 1st day. It is still used mainly in Japan, Korea, and some more countries.

NIPROS has been introduced later as the 2nd brand name for expanding business into more countries of other oversea areas.

With either name of "PROTECH" or "NIPROS", NVS has its strong and consistent policy that our mission is to make unique products which should have innovational functions to improve your professional work efficiency from now on.


Product groups

Camera accessories