MagicSoft is a software development company, working for broadcast customers, producing two core products:
MagicSoft CG and MagicSoft PlayOut.

MagicSoft CG is a broadcast solution that is used to easily create, display and control a variety of different projects including Lower-Thirds, Tickers, Logos, Crawls, Clock and Rolls - essentially everything you need in your day to day operations. An unlimited number of items that can be animated by moving, rotating and changing color and transparency can be previewed prior to going out to air. Multiple real-time effects can be used for graphics and text providing an optimal visual appearance. MagicSoft CG is compatible with Blackmagic Design Decklink standard and high definition video cards that supports internal or external keying.

MagicSoft PlayOut
Magicsoft Playout is a solution built upon a client-server architecture that provides noticeable stability and usability advantages.It allows for optimum CPU balancing using today's multi-core systems; the server controls the video output while the client manages the playlist.The media files are verified by the client application before being accepted for playout.More than one client can run and you can dynamically jump from one playlist to another.
The software runs on Windows OS and can use SD, HDV and full HD material in the same playlist.It works with Blackmagic's DeckLink or Intensity cards.Output can be either analog or digital depending on the video card used.The signals you can work with may be analog and/or digital depending of the card that is used.
The playout program has a very powerful way to link to the MagicSoft CG (Ultrared) acting as a TCP client to send the metadata associated to each clip to GC. The TCP/IP protocol allows you to control the text or image displayed by a project and can also trigger the projects.


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