Hi Tech Systems is a UK based manufacturer of production control systems for the broadcast industry. Working with all of the major video server manufacturers, Hi Tech offers a range of software applications with a range of hardware panels that are highly configurable to suit specific workflows.

Applications include a MOs interface to a news system, general purpose play out, scheduled record and multi camera record and review.

For nearly twenty years Hi Tech has designed and manufactured control systems firstly for VTRs and latterly video servers, routers, character generators and peripheral equipment associated with TV production. The products are in daily use in over a third of the World’s countries by broadcasters, production companies, governments and universities.

Today’s product line up features the Avita production control system and offers the following workflows:

Avita interfaces to a News Room Computer System using a MOS interface and to a play out video server. The rundown is downloaded to the Avita and The NRCS script is automatically updated as clips are played, paused etc. The Avita operator can then play these clips in an automated sequence or one by one.

Q Tracker is used by an operator to view clips recorded from multiple cameras and quickly build a highlights package – multi angle replays of a goal for example.

General purpose tool for creating (recording) clips, building a play list of clips that can be played automatically in sequence or manually one by one. Options include main and back-up control where actions carried out on a main server channel are mirrored on another channel or server (Reflector)

Easy to use means of building a calendar styled list of record or play events for automated control of a server or servers.
Multi record and review
Mainly for use in a studio where multiple cameras are required to capture a production. This application has an easy interface to select which sources are recorded and subsequently replayed for editorial decisions.

News style playlisting in ABCD format.

Video tape is still extensively used for the delivery of progamme material. Differential is a unique and easy way to record clips onto tape (spot reels) with minimal operator effort.

AViTA can have single or multiple operators controlling single or multiple servers together with peripheral equipment such as routers or character generators. There is a range of optional hardware panels to augment the software applications.

Hi Tech also has a range of VTR control panels from a single port device to an eight port sports controller with T-bar, and undertakes custom designs in small or large quantities.

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