Ericsson has been pioneering achievements in TV for over 20 years. From the earliest digital video compression, the vision to provide the world’s first MPEG-4 AVC HD encoding to facilitate worldwide roll-out of HD services, to the latest all-new multi-screen TV platforms and network technologies built ready for a future of huge scale, agility and capacity. These achievements have been rewarded with multiple industry awards including four Emmys™ of which they are very proud.

Their mission is to enable the future evolution of TV by creating harmonized solutions that give content owners, TV service providers, and network operators the agility to innovate, manage and monetize a new generation of rich TV experiences for the mass market. They do this by uniquely combining an award-winning open portfolio of products and solutions that span the TV value chain, complemented by world class systems integration and managed services with extensive consumer insight and a visionary mindset that unites the worlds of video and IP.

Ericsson brings TV and video customers a unique partnership of ability that they believe is essential for the transformation of TV: the combination of global consumer insight from their consumer lab studies in addition to industry standing and heritage, combined with the broadest and most complete portfolio of TV service and video network optimization solutions that are built upon significant engineering and industry standards activities. Finally, the worldwide services capability of consulting, prime integration, training, and broadcast managed services that mean Ericsson is able to advise, guide, support, implement and even manage our customers’ transformation in the evolution of TV.

Their solutions include:

• Video Contribution and Distribution - High-quality content remains critical to TV business models. Research shows consumers' demand for high-quality shows and sports coverage continues to drive revenues across the whole media chain. Acquisition, exchange and distribution of such critical programming, key to content owners, service providers and operators, requires the most innovative and reliable solutions. Ericsson's TV Contribution & Distribution (C&D) solutions draw upon more than two decades of compression heritage, with a record of innovation and professional services expertise second to none. They are a clear market leader, with a history of world-firsts including the first 4:2:2 compression solution, the world's first contribution system and the first ever integrated Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) solution and more recently, 3D contribution and live 4K UHDTV contribution. Their solutions are used by major broadcasters and service providers all over the globe.
• LTE Broadcast - Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution will revolutionize video delivery in mobile networks enabled by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH and will address the growing consumer demand for media services.
• Mediaroom - Deliver a fully-interactive, customizable and personalized TV experience to any device to differentiate, drive new revenues and boost subscriber loyalty.
• Multiscreen TV - Ericsson’s award-winning Multiscreen TV Solution's mission is to enable TV service providers to deliver any content to any screen on any network within one integrated solution. The Solution is easy to use, easy to grow with, and easy to learn. Together with Ericsson as a trusted partner, providers can use the Solution to deliver next-generation TV services, and to evolve, grow, and be profitable in the rapidly changing TV and media landscape.
• TV Delivery Infrastructure - Ericsson's TV Delivery Infrastructure solutions provide the flexible and future-proof platform to allow cost-effective and efficient new service provision. Based on multiple award-winning products, their solutions ensure that consumers receive the highest quality TV they demand. They also ensure dense and flexible repurposing of services for multiple devices.
• On-Demand Content Management - On-Demand Content Management Solution is Ericsson’s response to solving content owners’ and TV operators’ content management needs today and for the future. It enables content owners and operators to deploy multi-format, massively scalable, and highly automated content management workflows while optimizing capital expenditures and operating expenses.


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