ERECA is a French manufacturer of products and systems for signal transmission over optical fiber. From 1989, they develop solutions based on digital transmission of video, audio and data for CCTV and CATV.

Always for innovative, their force is 30 years of experience in transmission systems, they integrated optical multiplexing technique (DWDM, CWDM) in 1998, more recently they gave solutions for the transmission of signals for 3D HD camera (SDI HD, IP, GPI, AUDIO…) and continue the extension of their system range for Emergency Telephone network over optical fiber and GSM.

ERECA offers more reliable and efficient products by using cross links of technique improvement required and developed for the different branches of activity.

The mastering of the manufacturing, for product quality has always been one of the main focuses of the company. The production tools comprise high precision machine for Automaton machinery for components disposal, no stressful welding vapor phase oven and optical inspection platform of the electronic boards.

ERECA offers also their expertise and support to find the better solution to customer requirements, from design phase to installation.

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