DEZELECTRIC was founded in 1992. The main profile of DEZELECTRIC is the development, production, and distribution of electronic equipment which are used in discos.

Their company adjusts to the current markets, meeting the current demands, but they also produce items for personal desires.

Their main product group is the electronics for scanners. There are some with micromotors and others with stepmotors also. In the other big group there are the controllers, they produce some with 0-10volts, controllers for stroboscopes, and to statisfy higher requirements they produce DMX-512 controllers and their list of products is growing. The planning of the electronics, printed circuits and the programming of the different types of microcontrollers also fall within the scope of the company.

The planning of the products is maximally considering the european norm(CE), and the technical security standards. The first point of view in the choosing of the components which are installed is reliabity, but at the same time they are trying to make the last prices to be “friendly” as possible.

Since 1998 they are also on the Internet, where they publish all information about their products.

Their products are distributed in Hungary and in many different European countries.

Product groups