Increasing competition for ratings and viewer engagement, the need to bring breaking news quickly, to go on the air from remote or unexpected places and provide unique shooting angles – all these have brought broadcast networks worldwide to extensively adopt wireless video transmission technologies.

More and more camera teams benefit from using wireless equipment to transmit video content from cameras back to Outside Broadcast Trucks or Control Rooms. Both professionals and amateurs use wireless solutions when they can't use cables due to physical limitations at outdoor events, or simply for enhanced convenience. Also, movie and reality show teams increasingly adopt wireless solutions for content monitoring by the director. All appreciate the value of wireless solutions for attractive content transmission and ease of video shooting.

ABonAir designs and markets wireless broadcast transmitters for professional camera and production teams worldwide. Their systems transmit video content from cameras to OB-vans or broadcast stations using microwave technology. ABonAir's wireless broadcasting solutions are designed for news coverage (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist. Customers include TV channels, news broadcasters, production companies, OB vans, rental houses and system integrators. Their unique technology enables them to provide exceptionally robust and reliable wireless video links. ABonAir's bi-directional system, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures and ensures that not even a single pixel is dropped while broadcasting.

What's unique about them?
- Robustness: A bi-directional link between the transmitter and receiverguarantees reliable transmission.
- Automatic set up: teams can start transmission within 1 minute.
- Integrated Intercom kit: Intercom on the same video frequency; range of up to 2.5 Km.
- Embedded CCU: Sony, Panasonic, Grass Valley and Ikegami.
- FCE: Fiber connection between receiver and antennas.
- Unlicensed frequencies: Utilizing free spectrum minimizes cost.

ABonAir's wireless broadcast transmission solution utilizes a robust OFDM technology to deliver professional broadcast quality and to guarantee wireless coverage even in the most difficult scenarios. ABonAir innovative OFDM technology provides portable and high-quality video transmission systems for broadcast camera and production teams around the globe. This technology, combined with a proprietary over-the-air protocol, was designed to stream HD video, of the highest quality, with consistent bitrates in order to meet the most demanding broadcast standards.
Unlike high-end OFDM unidirectional systems, ABonAir's OFDM system is built on a bidirectional link between transmitter and receiver. This allows the system to acknowledge acceptance of each pixel, thus guaranteeing zero errors, accurate pictures, stable transmission, and lower costs. The system's bi-directional link is embedded with features such as CCU, Tally and Intercom. It provides an excellent range up to 2.5 km as well as low delay and low power consumption. In addition, the innovative H.264 video CODEC embedded in ABonAir’s systems ensures excellent picture quality and range. Their state-of-the-art video compression technology, along with wireless radio enhancements (extended range, security and quality), is ideal for broadcasting market needs and requirements.

AB400 MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) radio and modem architecture allows simultaneous transmission of two data streams via two radio transceivers. Combining signals into one in the receiver produces better coverage and link stability.

ABonAir's Fiber Coverage Extender (FCE) provides flexible antenna deployment through fiber optic cables. Thanks to its robust and reliable technology, ABonAir’s product-line has been successfully employed by broadcasters around the world.

ABonAir’s wireless broadcast transmission:
- Exceptionally robust and reliable wireless link: Bi-directional link enables zero errors.
- Quick and easy: automatic set-up.
- Integrated Intercom and embedded CCU.
- FCE: Simple coverage solution for remotely-located antennas / receiver.
- MIMO Technology: better coverage and link stability.
- Strong global presence.



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